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 4.13 - Deal or No Deal

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MessageSujet: 4.13 - Deal or No Deal   Mar 30 Sep - 11:49

Fuites de script ^^

Citation :
Page 13.
Michael, Lincoln, and Sara watch the television where we learn that T-Bag and Gretchen used machine guns and took hostage at GATE. Gate CEO Gregory White has been shot and killed.
Page 21.
Michael, Lincoln, Mahone, Sara, and Sucre stand around a map. Sucre doesn’t want to trust Gretchen and T-Bag. Michael says that they are taking precautions. “One way or another, she’s going to get us to Don Self. Right now, that’s all that matters.”
Michael pulls out some walkie talkies.
Page 28-29.
Michael is talking to Stanton and says that when he gets Don Self and Scylla, will Scanton still honor the deals?
An ambulance comes closer. Michael pulls out his walkie talkie and says that the Feds are on their way, they were set up. Michael looks over to Sara across the plaza - what feels like a goodbye.
The Feds chase Michael. Lincoln throws the car in drive and slams on the gas pedal, racing toward him. Michael is boxed in. He jumps onto the hood of one of their cars. Lincoln drives up to the cars, blocking them from Michael. The Feds surround the car. They tell him to get out of the car. Michael watches from a distance, now unable to help.
Page 35-37.
Senator Dallow meets with Lincoln. He explains that they hacked into Self’s computer and have a “much clearer picture into who he is and what he’s been up to.” They found a new name, Robert Walker, that Self planned to become - social security number, bank account, flight itinerary. Dallon then says that they owe everyone an apology, and that they need to get Self. It’s a new deal. They want everyone’s testimony in exchange for full immunity. Lincoln gets angry, saying they already had a deal.
Dallon tells Lincoln that if they walk away, nobody is around to know about the other deal.

Page 47.
Michael and Lincoln sit at a conference table across from Stanton and Dallow. Stanton says that they did it all and then Self went and screwed it up. He asks where Mahone, Sucre, and Tancredi are.
Michael replies that they are not coming. He says his terms are that he and Lincoln will testify but everyone gets immunity. Dallow says that the deal was for everyone, those were the terms. Someone approaches with handcuffs. Michael asks Dallow if there was ever a deal and he turns away. Stanton pushes his gun against the back of Michael’s head and gives him five seconds. He starts counting.
Pgae 49-52.
A shot rings out and Stanton falls dead. A second shot goes off, killing Fed. Sooter killed them. He unties the guys and points the gun at them, telling them that they have an appointment with The General.
Gretchen and Self approach Vikan. Self has Scylla. Vikan asks to see it. Self reaches into his bag and pulls it out, handing it to Vikan.
Dallow leads the brothers out, marching toward the door. They start out. Sucre pulls a gun on Sooter. Lincoln jams his elbow into Sooter’s throat. As Sooter drops Lincoln takes the gun from Sucre and fires one shot into Sooter.
Lincoln turns to Dallow and says that he was going to kill them. Dallow says that Stanton made the call. “Right now you shouldn’t trust anyone - but I’m going to ask that you trust me.”
Michael says that they will trust him after he makes some phone calls and gets the deal back. Dallow says he can’t do that. Lincoln threatens to hold him hostage but Dallow says that everything is complicated and he won’t say a word. He does however offer up a folder, that contains the last remnants of the operation. “That’s the only thing I have left to offer you, Michael.” Dallow says he’s going to walk away and catch a flight. He does just that.
Lincoln turns to Michael and asks if they are running now. Michael says, “No.” Sara walks over. They embrace.
Back to Vikan, Gretchen, and Self. Vikan looks at Scylla and says they can do business, once they have the rest of it. Self doesn’t believe him but Vikan says there is a piece missing. Sure enough, when they look at something along the base, it appears that something is missing. It looks exactly like a plastic piece that Michael stashed at the top of the episode, now in his hand.
Self calls Michael and says that he has something that belongs to him. “Come and get it,” Michael replies.
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4.13 - Deal or No Deal
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